Cement production is a stochastic grinding process with highly dynamic loads and associated wear. These, sometimes extreme, operating conditions can lead to unplanned shutdowns resulting in high production losses. The demand of the cement industry to the plant builders is for cement plants with steady production over a minimum of 20 years. These requirements go hand in hand with increasingly longer warranty periods, with 5 years or more.

Each day of production gains profit.

Our contribution is to detect early failure and thus avoid subsequent damages. Our goal is to obtain information about what could damage the machine before failure or damage occurs. This information or indication we collect by process correlated data analysis. We can detect harmful production conditions, reduce dynamic and shocks to the machine and thus minimize fatigue loads increasing life and production time.

Our motto is:

Detecting damage is good but avoiding damage is better!

With DALOG® you learn more about your machine.

The tasks:

• Increase production time
• Optimize production process
• Detect wear in an early stage
• Avoid subsequent damage
• Increase life cycle of machines

The solution

DALOG® system detects multi-sensorial measurement variables, such as speed, torque, acceleration, vibration, temperature, pressure and process values. The correct interpretation and analysis of the signals plays a crucial role. With more than 25 years experience, our specialists possess excellent know-how in the field of noise and vibration analysis of large gearboxes.

Our solution includes:

o On-line monitoring
o Analysis and Reports
o User-friendly software
o Remote maintenance via VPN
o Training: DALOG® software, machine diagnostics, vibration and process analysis

Our solution is a comprehensive package that guarantees the highest level of protection, consisting of three pillars:

- DALOG® bearings and gearbox monitoring
- DALOG® torque and process correlation
- DALOG® Reporting

We put an emphasis on analysis and reporting. We feel as an employee of our customers and will not leave you on your own after installation. Our machinery diagnosticians evaluate trends and suspicious signals, write detailed reports for you at regular intervals giving an early indication of impending anomalies and informing about necessary upcoming repairs.

Click on the below images to know the application on each cement plant area

Vertical Roller Mill

Ball Mill