Construction Machinery


In the sector of construction machinery the application possibilities of the robust and flexible DALOG® systems are frequently:

• Development and construction
• Tachograph
• Collecting data for leasing and financing
• Service

Examples of DALOG® in mobile applications:

• Development of vehicle components, including clutches, transmissions, air spring systems, axles
• Monitoring of particulate filter
• Acquisition of operation parameters of excavator and crawler vehicles
• Position monitoring (GPS) with automatic anti-theft alarm
• Used to capture stochastic errors occurring on vehicles

This is just a small sample of the possibilities you have with DALOG®. We also develop new customized solutions together with you.

The solution

DALOG® equips your vehicle with a small, self-sufficient and robust data recorder.

Characteristics of our devices are:

• Electrical protection class IP68
• CAN interface for easy integration into your vehicle
• Operating temperatures between -30 ° C to +80 ° C
• Robustness: short-term shocks to 20g are no problem
• Supply voltage of (8 ... 48) VDC
• Customer-specific plug adjustment

The DALOG® solution distinguishes itself by the sophisticated memory management and its ease of use. The data can be read reactionless via CAN bus. This is very important because it ensures that the DALOG® application can be retrofitted at any time without modification. Furthermore, it is possible to connect external sensors with analog and digital inputs for acquisition of process data.

Since a data recorder is useless, if after faults no data is available, special attention was paid to the robustness of our monitoring systems. The DALOG ® solution is therefore designed for up to 5g of constant vibrations and shocks up to 20g. Thus, even continuous measurements of soil compacters can be successfully performed.