DALOG® D3 - Developer Software is a powerful and universal tool. It is software made by users for users, easy to use. With focus on essentials in combination with enormous flexibility. Here you have the opportunity to create an optimal configuration for your needs - easily and independently without programming knowledge. Due to the great flexibility and impressive variety of combinations, you can extract crucial information from your data and thus create the block diagram of your measurement task.

You can correlate data, perform statistical analysis, and create your own parameters. Classification and FFT calculations complement this flexible, yet easy to use software.

Using a sophisticated memory management in the form of ring buffers, with different configurable data buffers for each data channel, overwriting of important measured signals is prevented. Each ring buffer can be individually stopped and started. Example: As the oil temperature exceeds a given limit, a trigger is activated to store velocity, pressure and/or vibrations at higher resolution. At the same time an alarm is issued to the operating personnel.

Dalog Software provides for each channel:

• Variable sampling rate
• Pre-and post-trigger
• Filter
• Counters and clocks
• Flip-flop
• Statistics
• Formula calculation
• Classification
• Events, limits