Wind Power

A multitude of different sensors and signals, must be recorded, processed and stored simultaneously at variable speed at a wind power plant. The monitoring system must meet strict requirements. From the large amounts of data, proper analysis and right conclusions must be made to early and reliably indicate impending anomaly conditions.

In conjunction with the DALOG® reporting via VPN and our software training the customer receives an all-round service package including data archiving for its wind turbines. Even after installation we are there for you. Our machine diagnosticians evaluate trends and distinctive signal, provide detailed reports at regular intervals and give advice in case of necessary repairs.

The aim of DALOG® monitoring systems is:

• Minimize damage
• Increase production time and life cycle
• Detect wear in an early stage
• Avoid costly subsequent damages

The solution

• On-line monitoring
• Analysis and reporting
• user-friendly software on site
• Remote access via VPN