20 years of experience in customized solutions for condition-based maintenance.

About us

DALOG Diagnosesysteme GmbH provides online condition monitoring solutions for proactive and predictive machine maintenance.The application of innovative technologies and years of experience allow our experts to provide detailed insight about the condition and performance of machines.

The DALOG Diagnostic Center serves hundreds of customers worldwide, helping them minimize downtime and optimize the life cycle of their machines. The company can count on its in-house development team for sensor, data logger, and software technologies.

about us

Dr. Franz Muschaweck, Founder of DALOG.

Dr. Franz Muschaweck
Dr. Franz Muschaweck, Founder of DALOG in the mid 90’s.


The story of DALOG begins in the late 80s when Dr. Franz Muschaweck was at the RWTH Aachen and researching gearbox failures, especially how different operating conditions affect the remaining lifetime of the machine. In the following years he was able to apply his knowledge in the field for a gearbox manufacturer, where he was in charge of diagnosis and knowledge based systems.

In 1992 he founded his own company, and in the same year the first data logger DALOG Type Classic reached the market. The sturdy housing and MIL type connectors made it withstand harsh environments and built the foundation for its success in the mining sector.

The strain gauge based torque measurement was first implemented by DALOG on a vertical roller mill in 1994. It has proven itself to be one of the best indicators to evaluate operating conditions and it is the standard for the monitoring of this mill type.

A year later, in 1995 the first tele-diagnosis via GSM was established, which enabled our analysis experts to support the production facility from Germany. It set the ground for the DALOG Diagnostics Center, which was built-up over the following years.

What started as a one-man business had grown into a corporation. Therefore, in 1998 the product became the company and the DALOG GmbH (limited liability company) was founded.

The goal is that our work benefits customers, employees, suppliers and society – worldwide.


TomTom-Tools is our reliable partner specialized on kiln and dryer sensor equipment.

tom tom

DALOG India Pvt. Ltd. is our subsidiary to support the needs
of our customers in the region.


DALOG is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its customers and its own operation. Through innovative condition monitoring solutions, we help the industry to improve machine lifetime and energy efficiency. In our own facilities, we systematically record energy and resource consumption. This enables us to identify the current and future environmental impacts of our actions and builds the foundation for working towards change. DALOG promotes the environmental awareness of its team, as change will only be reflected by our own actions. We strive to further reduce our energy, water and material consumption as well as our waste generation. For this we use energy and resource efficient technologies. The goal is that our work benefits customers, employees, suppliers and society – worldwide.