Condition Monitoring Cabinets

Condition Monitoring Cabinets

Highest protection for critical equipment
Condition Monitoring Cabinets

The online multi-channel monitoring systems process data in real-time; from complex raw data to statistics, trends, and alarms. The goal: to detect critical machine conditions. Using anywhere from 4 to 48 sensor inputs, the cabinets adapt to monitor critical equipment issues in numerous industries. The integration to the DCS via fieldbus ensures that machine operators can take immediate actions to remedy machine irregularities.  Even outside the plant,  the team can check the condition via the Mobile App.

  • TCP/IP
  • Fieldbus (Ethernet/IP, Profibus)
  • E-Mail, SMS, Mobile App via Busy Bee Software
Typical Sensor Input
  • Acceleration / Vibration
  • Speed
  • Displacement
  • Temperature PT-100
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Ultrasound
  • Torque
  • Oil Sensor (Wear, Contamination)
  • Process Parameters

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