Telemetry Torque Sensor TS-100

Telemetry Torque Sensor TS-100

Reliable Torque Measurement on rotating shafts
telemetry torque
telemetry torque

The torque measurement provides information of loads, especially load variations on industrial production equipment. Unstable machine behavior can shorten the lifetime, lead to an increased energy consumption and even affect the product quality. The Telemetry Torque Sensor TS-100 transmits the torque signal from the rotating shaft to the fixed antenna head. The signal can be integrated directly into the control center as an analogue signal or it can be preprocessed via a data logger to simultaneously calculate and store characteristic values ​​and alarms.

  • Antenna Ring AR-100
  • Transmitter Unit TU-100
  • Receiver Head RH-100
  • Receiver Unit RU-100
  • 4 GByte Memory Capacity
  • Antenna Cable
  • Strain Gauge
  • Shaft Diameters (75 … 800) mm
  • Easy Parameter Setting (Gain, Offset, Filters)
  • Inductive Power Supply

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